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Address: Ulstadveg 26, 2686 Lom

Some information to you that will join our adventures

On our page you'll find a variety of trips and adventures, but we can also help you carry out plans that are not described here. We have no online booking system, as we seek dialogue with the individual before ordering. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions, want to book tour or need suggestions for new challenges. Fill out the contact form, send an email or try us by phone. We thrive best in the mountains and can not always answer the same day, but the answers you will get!

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General terms of guiding

The experience should as far as possible be in line with assumptions of the individual and group. This includes physical fitness, skills, experience and equipment. It is important that each participant consider this when choosing an adventure. Ask if you have any doubts.


Participating in mountain adventures may involve a certain risk of accidents and injuries, and we add each time up to minimize this risk and the consequences.To achieve this we involve the group in our assessments during the adventure. The guide always has the overall responsibility for the safty of the group, but a prerequisite is that each participant is jointly responsible and follow instructions from the guide. In many situations this can be crucial for the security of both the individual and the group.


We do not provide cancellation-, travel- or accident insurance on our arrangements. Each participant must self see to have drawn a
necessary travel- and accident insurance.

Terms of registration and payment

– Upon registration we send and invoice with a deposit of kr 1000,- per guide per day. This amount is subtracted from the total price.
– Final price invoiced 14 days befor the trip, with payment deadline 4 days before tour start.
– When booking closer than 14 days, the full amount is billed simultaneously.
– Registration is binding for both parties when the participant has paid the minimum deposit.


- If canceled at least 14 days before the trip, you get your deposit back.
- If canceled between 4 and 14 days before the trip, we retain the deposit.
– If canceled after payment deadline of the invoice or participants do not show up, paid the price for the entire program.
– When booking for larger groups, it can be agreed other terms of cancellation and refund.


When bad weather or poor conditions on the planned trip, we may be forced to try another approach. In such case we do the best we can to facilitate an alternative arrangement, which provides the best possible outcome. Participants then pay for the arrangement being implemented. If we can not offer an alternative arrangement, participants will be refunded the amount paid.