Fyrst og Fremst is an experience buisness run by Iver Lund Aakre, with ties in Lom. We offer private guide for small groups and families, and focus on personal guidance tailored to the customers requirements. With us you get magnificent mountain experiences in safe and educational conditions. In addition we can offer good local knowledge.

A common passion for the mountains!

Iver spiralen

Iver Lund Aakre (f.1993)

I grew up in Lom with surrounding mountains and Jotunheimen as playpen. With outdoor activities, mountains, skiing and glaciers from childhood, I've had a varied upbringing that laid the foundation of knowledge and experience in providing great mountain adventures. Despite young age I have good experience wih various activities in the mountains, and especially bringing groups. I'm educated teacher in physical education from the Norwegian School of Sport Science, something i take with me in the work with people in nature. I also have a year of outdoor activities from Sogn og Fjordane University College, with emphasis in nature guiding and nature-based tourism, alpine "skiferdsel", climbing and outdoor life and mental health.

Assistant at Jotunfjell Leirskole 2010 - 15

Guide for Raubergstulen Touristcabin 2012 - 15

Teacher in physical education and sport science - Norwegian School of Sport Science 2012 - 15

Outdoor education at Sogn og Fjordane University College 2015 - 16


Jostein Skagsnebb

Jostein Aakre (f.1966)

Faglærar Idrett - Elverum Lærerskole 1985 - 88

Mellomfag Friluftsliv - Norges Idrettshøgskole 1992 - 93

Lom Fjellføring 1990 - 98

Jotunfjell Leirskole 1994 - 2016